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Audition and Callback Information

Auditions will be held on September 22nd from 5:30-9pm and Callbacks will be on September 29th from 5:30-9pm.  This will take place at Elite Studios in Shelley.  For auditions there will be a sign up link posted by the end of August to sign up for a time.  Slots will be in groups of 5.  For callbacks everyone will attend together.  Please review the information below to be prepared for both. 

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We will add link by the end of August for you to sign up for an audition time.  Please check back.

We would like you to prepare a song of your choice from a musical.  Please do not sing pop music.  Please be prepared to sing 16-32 bars from the song.  You will also need to submit the music file so we are prepared to play it at your audition along with the time to start the track at. Please prepare and memorize one the lines below(choose 2 different characters).  

There is an audition form that we will send to you that you will need to complete and bring with you to your audition.  

Please go to this link to sign up for an audition slot:



  1. "I have a plan. It's not a great plan, but it's a plan."

  2. "Oh, I've wanted to get out of here for years, but I didn't think it would be by being chased by monsters."


  1. "Don't mess with me, seaweed brain."

  2. "Well, well, Percy Jackson. My old enemy."


  1. "I am a Saytr, half human, half goat."

  2. "I'm not your friend. I'm your protector."


  1. "The prophecy is yours to interpret. You have a choice to make."

  2. "Darkness will rise and the hero's fate will be revealed."

Percy's Mom:

  1. "Oh Percy, you're so much like your father."

  2. "You're not like other kids, are you?"



  1. "You are in grave danger, Percy Jackson. I must protect you."

  2. "I have trained many heroes, but you are something truly special."


  1. "Sometimes it's hard being the son of Hermes."

  2. "The gods are a bunch of self-absorbed lunatics."


  1. "I am a Saytr, half human, half goat."

  2. "I'm not your friend. I'm your protector."


  1. "I don't want to be a half-blood."

  2. "I didn't ask to be a hero, but I can't just stand by and let bad things happen."

Mr. D:

  1. "I'm Dionysus, god of wine and parties. Oh, the misery I endure."

  2. "I'd like to say it's been lovely having you all here, but it hasn't."

More information will be coming soon to this page, so please check back for callbacks!


Callbacks information coming soon.  You will be asked to sing excerpts of songs from the show an do some cold reads.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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